Luxure, came et velouté
Orta, Italie.
Se lever tous les jours la gueule enfarinée. Boire le café en terrasse. Remonter le village en plein cagnard. Et en claquettes. Sculpter. Son corps surtout. Travailler. Son teint avant-tout. Commander. Au restau. Piloter. Son bateau. La vie sous le soleil n’a rien d’une série télé. Tout n’est que luxure, came et velouté.

The swinging pool
Orta, Italy.
Waking-up every morning, trolleyed from the night before. Being right on time, to drink a coffee on a terrace. Walking up the village when it’s boiling outside. Sculpting. Mostly your body. Working. Your tan in priority. Giving orders. At the restaurant. Pilot. Your boat. Life under the sunshine has nothing to do with a TV show. It’s just like drowning in a swinging pool.